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Filling hotel rooms and event spaces on a consistent, on-going basis is the number one goal of any hotel – no matter how big or small. Overcoming this challenge, especially during off-season months, can seem daunting and sometimes even impossible.

With today’s marketing, in conjunction with exceptional visuals such as our interactive 360º virtual tours, we can help bridge the gap of filling your hotel rooms and event spaces. 

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    What We Offer

    She Shoots Shots - Hotel Photography - Candlelight Inn Napa

    Professional Photography

    Whether you have had a new renovation completed or just need your current photos updated, we can accommodate your needs. Having worked in the real estate industry as both a photographer and marketer for the past 22 years, you will get the very best media that you can use for years to come.

    We will provide images that can be used on your website and/or social media platforms, allowing you (or us) to market your hotel to the masses, both locally and globally. 

    360º Virtual Tours

    We use the most comprehensive virtual tour equipment available today to not only showcase your various hotel room offerings, but conference rooms for meetings and indoor/outdoor spaces for events. Virtual tours differ than simple photos and videos by allowing potential guests to experience each space in detail, where they are interested the most. Photos and videos dictate what they can (and cannot see). 360º virtual tours give them reign to see it all.

    Our virtual tours also include custom branding of your hotel and a live chat and/or link to your reservation website page (should you choose to have these).

    And, maybe most importantly, Google loves it when you include a 360º virtual tour of your business, as it is an extension of their Google Street View and helps them with their own content!

    Drone/Aerial Photography

    Let us provide an aerial view of your property to give a birds eye view to potential guests. These perspectives are excellent for your guests who are looking to rent outdoor space for an upcoming event, where pictures don’t give it justice. 

    Aerial views also provide potential guests with a broad scope of where the hotel is located compared to other areas of interest including downtown, wineries, the airport and nearby cities. We can also incorporate our drone/aerial photography into your 360º virtual tours!

    Google Marketing

    Our work doesn’t end with the delivery of our media content. We also provide a one-of-a-kind service where we will upload the media we have created (whether it is interior/exterior photos, aerial/drone shots or 360 virtual tours) to your Google Business Profile. This exponentially helps move your business listing higher in both Google’s search results but also Google Map searches.

    This is an integral part of helping get your unique offerings out to as many people as possible for an unlimited amount of time, because content on Google doesn’t go away like it does on social media after a day (or even within hours). 

    Social Media Marketing

    As a previous Senior Director of Social Media Marketing for 7 years for a national brand, I offer unmatched skills and knowledge on what works and what doesn’t on social media. What works on Facebook doesn’t work on Instagram and visa versa. Struggling to get eyeballs on your content? I can fix that. Want more people to visit your website (and book rooms or event spaces)? I can fix that, too!

    We will use our own photography, 360º virtual tours and, where available, your existing content to maximize your return on your investment. 

    Website Content

    Creating consistent content isn’t only important on social media platforms; adding blogs (or articles) to your website is an absolute must if you want to rank high on Google. 

    Google ‘scans’ your website daily to determine if new, relevant content has been added and when it sees that there is, it gives you a ‘ranking push’. In other words, when constructing correctly written content on your website bi-weekly (or even better, weekly), including keywords, tags, titles and descriptions that make sense for attracting your perfect guests, you’ll see improvement on where you are found on Google. It’s a big deal, that far too many business owners don’t take full advantage of. 

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